The company Hellenic Ambulance, based in Piraeus, was created with the aim of providing a wide range of health services, while it has at its disposal a large number of ambulances.

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Medical Cover

Hellenic Ambulance holds the 1st place in the health coverage of all kinds of events, with experience and consistency, always giving priority to your health care

Our Company provides medical coverage services for sports events in individual and team sports . Read more.

To date, we have successfully contributed to the coverage of sporting events such as motor racing, both at amateur and professional level. Read more…

Having worked on all the possible functional structures that could apply in an exhibition space, we manage to deal with all incidents immediately and consistently.. Read more…

Our constant presence in the field of concerts, highlights us as the most specialized company providing Medical Services in this field. Read more…

We are the reliable choice in medical coverage for any kind of event. Read more….

Construction sites are places that are constantly changing. In relation to workplaces such as Industries or Crafts where conditions remain stable, they are distinguished by peculiarities which increase both the probability and the severity of accidents. Read more…

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