COVID 19 – Tests

  • PCR Test (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

A nasopharyngeal sample is taken for the test, where the presence of the virus is checked by detecting its genetic material (RNA).

The molecular test, PCR test, so far is part of the protocol recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Cost: 50 € per test

  • – Rapid test

High performance test, designed for decentralized and flexible use

✓ Simple test procedure with a swab to obtain a nasopharyngeal smear
✓ Reliable and accurate, high correlation with PCR
✓ Easy test in just 3 steps
✓ Fast result within 15 minutes without the need for any device or sample transfer
✓ Storage at room temperature for 18 months

Cost: 10 € per test

Patients transportation from 40€

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