Quality Policy

In our company, the basic principle and commitment of the Management but also the effort of each of its executives, is to provide its customers with reliable products and services that fully cover their requirements and the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

This will lead to:

  • Customer satisfaction with the available products and services

  • Customer satisfaction with the available products and services

  • cost reduction and improvement of the overall efficiency of the company

To achieve the above, we have developed and implemented a Quality Management System for ISO 9001/2015. We provide all the necessary resources for the operation of our company.

We set Quality objectives, the achievement of which we review at regular intervals, during the annual Review by Management.

The effort for continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System is our goal and basic commitment.

Based on the specialization, experience, professionalism and increased capabilities of the company’s executives, but also on the practical commitment of the management to support its customers in terms of taking advantage of all opportunities presented, the company “HELLENIC AMBULANCEPEPONIS GEORGE expects:

  • the systematic satisfaction of all its customers, from the services provided,

  • in the sustainability but also increase of its clientele,

  • to further strengthen its good name in the market

  • and finally a steady increase in its market share

The Head of Quality Management, appointed by the Management of “HELLENIC AMBULANCE” PEPONIS GEORGE, has the authority and jurisdiction to oversee the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the Quality System.

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