Transfer of Chronic & Non-Emergency Cases

HELLINC AMBULANCE safely and consistently serves patients or injured daily, as well as chronic cases, regular and non-emergency (non-life-threatening disability transfers eg transport of patients with mobility problems).

  • Transfers of patients to and from the Hellenic Province.
  • Deliveries to and from Ports and Airports.
  • Patient transfers to neighboring countries (Albania-Serbia-Bulgaria-Turkey etc.)
  • Patient discharges.
  • Scheduled appointments – reviews.
  • Deliveries to diagnostic centers.
  • Διακομιδές σε κέντρα αποκατάστασης σε όλη την Ελλάδα.
  • Deliveries to rehabilitation centers throughout Greece. Hospital transfers of patients (from one hospital to another for special examinations).

Patients transportation from 40€

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